Storm North West Tour
Storm North West Tour 2015-16
Bowling Rule 1. ) You can never, ever win enough money.
Bowling Rule 2. ) Never Adjust off a bad shot.
Bowling Rule 3. ) See Rule 1.

Bowling Rule 4. ) Hit the           closest to you.

2015-2016 Points after 21 Events         $ 3,536 so far
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May 7                                 Tough Guy Shootout
May 7,8                              
Leagh Patterson Memorial Open
May 14,15                          Greater CDA Masters
May 14                               Tough Guy Shootout
June 11,12,18,19,25,26     
"It Takes Guts"    Rules


December 6                      Jeremy Raybourn wins TVA at Westy's
December 6                      Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
December 13                    Harold Montgomery wins TVSST
December 13                    
Marcia Kloempken wins Uzelac
January 3                           Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
January 10                         Dwayne Newkirk wins TVSST
January 10                         
Matt Voeltz wins Uzelac
January 15,16,17               Storm Utah Open Qualifying   Finals   Prize List
February 7                         Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
February 21                       Wayne Manwill wins TVSST
Dale Williams wins Uzelac
February 26,27,28             Scot Archabal wins Border War XVII     Qualifying
March 5                              Robert Smith wins TVA
                                                  Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
March 20                            John Gould wins TVSST
March 18,19,20                  
Nick Borgaro wins Ringin' Ten     Qualifying
April 3                                Tyler Lopez wins Tough Guy Shootout
April 10                              
Justin Sanchez wins Uzelac
April 17                              Jay Aono wins TVSST Grand Finals

Points List Payout at End of Season

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April 22
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August 1, 2003
Previous Points Champions
2003-2004   Chuck Groat
2004-2005   Jeff Conradi
2005-2006   Chuck Groat
2006-2007   Russ Hunt
2007-2008   Chuck Groat
2008-2009   Chuck Groat
2009-2010   Chuck Groat
2010-2011   Chuck Groat
2011-2012   Chuck Groat
2012-2013   Alex Hoskins
2013-2014   Alex Hoskins
2014-2015   Alex Hoskins

All Star Teams
This is a 2 Rev Productions Experience
Classic Leave from My Past:
I threw a great ball !  But I only took out the 3 Pin !
The other 9 pins were standing !
They were Duckpins
Chad Holland left a Big Four in League.
I pay $ 100 for a pick.   He took out only
the 4 and 6, leaving the 7 and 10 !
Now famous in Bowler's Journal
Weird Leaves: 1:  Took out the 3,4,5,9 and then picked it
2:  Left 3-4-5-7           6: Took out 5-6-7-8
3:  Left 2-5-7-10
4:  Left 4-5-7-10 and picked it
5.  Left 2-5-7-8-10
Weird Leave:   Chuck Groat took the
9-10 out of a Full Rack
Weird Leave:   Took the 3-5-8 out of a
Full Rack