Storm North West Tour
Storm North West Tour 2015

Bowling Rule 1. ) You can never, ever win enough money.
Bowling Rule 2. ) Never Adjust off a bad shot.
Bowling Rule 3. ) See Rule 1.

Bowling Rule 4. ) Hit the           closest to you.

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August 23                         Uzelac at Bonwood Bowl
September 20                  Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
                                        Uzelac at Delton Lanes
October 10, 11                  Idaho Open, Burley
October 18                       Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
October                             Nampa Swiss
November 1                     Uzelac at Bonwood Lanes
November 7,8                  Dick Wolff, Calgary
November 15                   Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
November 21, 22                         Grand Finals   site tbd
December 13                   Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
                                        Uzelac at Bonwood Lanes
January 10                       Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
                                        Uzelac at Bountiful Bowl
January 15,16,17             Storm Utah Open
February 14                     Uzelac at Bountiful Bowl
February 21                     Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
March 20                           Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's
April 10                             Uzelac at Bonwood Lanes
April 17                             Treasure Valley Seniors, Westy's

Results from this Season:

December 14                   Tyler Lopez wins Tough Guy Shootout
December 14                   
Mike Edler wins Uzelac at Bountiful Bowl
December 21                   Bob Harvey wins at Westy's, Baton Rouge Pattern
January 4                         Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
January 11                       Den Fernandez wins at Westy's, Dick Weber Pattern
January 11                       
Jordan Harrison wins Uzelac at Bountiful Bowl
January 10,11                  Russ Hunt wins Miller Masters
January 16, 17, 18           Craig Harrington wins Utah Open    
Qualifying                 Photos
February 8                       MIke Taylor wins TVA
February 8                       
Brandon Smith wins Uzelac
February 8                       Jason Parris winsTough Guy Shootout
February 15                     Bob Harvey wins at Westy's, Chameleon Pattern
February 28,29 Mar 1     
Chuck Groat wins Border War XVI    Qualifying
March 8                            Alfredo Lopez wins Tough Guy Shootout
March 15                          Wayne Manwill wins at Westy's, Nationals Pattern
March 22                          Kelby Kingzio wins Tough Guy Shootout
March 20, 21, 22              
Robert Brown wins 199 entry Ringin' Ten
                                            Photos            Qualifying
April 12                            Ryan Schlotfeld wins Uzelac at Bountiful
April 19                            Pat Padden wins at Westy's, National D&S Pattern
May 2, 3                           
North Idaho Masters Qualifying            Prize List
May 3                               Alex Hoskins wins Tough Guy Shootout
May 10                             Cricket Lopez wins Tough Guy Shootout Finals
June                                 "It Takes Guts"    No Report yet

$ 4,066 collected so far

Points after 23 Events           
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August 1, 2003
Previous Points Champions

2003-2004   Chuck Groat
2004-2005   Jeff Conradi
2005-2006   Chuck Groat
2006-2007   Russ Hunt
2007-2008   Chuck Groat
2008-2009   Chuck Groat
2009-2010   Chuck Groat
2010-2011   Chuck Groat
2011-2012   Chuck Groat
2012-2013   Alex Hoskins
2013-2014   Alex Hoskins

All Star Teams
This is a 2 Rev Productions Experience
Classic Leave from My Past:
I threw a great ball !  But I only took out the 3 Pin !
The other 9 pins were standing !
They were Duckpins
Chad Holland left a Big Four in League.
I pay $ 100 for a pick.   He took out only
the 4 and 6, leaving the 7 and 10 !
Now famous in Bowler's Journal
Weird Leaves: 1:  Took out the 3,4,5,9 and then picked it
2:  Left 3-4-5-7           6: Took out 5-6-7-8
3:  Left 2-5-7-10
4:  Left 4-5-7-10 and picked it
5.  Left 2-5-7-8-10
Weird Leave:   Chuck Groat took the
9-10 out of a Full Rack
Weird Leave:   Took the 3-5-8 out of a
Full Rack